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500Kg/h Grain Millet Microwave Drying Sterilizing Curing Machine For Sale in Indonesia

500Kg/h Grain Millet Microwave Drying Sterilizing Curing Machine For Sale in Indonesia by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd., we provide latest information about the products regularly.

I met this Indonesian client-Sukanyapatch in August 2021. Sukanyapatch saw the LOGO of our company's equipment when he visited his friend's factory. After that, through his friend, that is our old customer - Ryan jhoshua, he introduced us to know each other. Sukanyapatch is the CEO of a construction engineering company, which was established in 1997 and is an internationally renowned architectural development company.

Microwave insecticide of rice or paddy, two processes of microwave treatment and cooling are added after the rice is processed into the rice production line or during the process of rice entering the warehouse.
The temperature of rice or rice out of the microwave oven is 54-68℃, that is, the microwave energy per unit mass of rice is controlled to be 0.014-0.030kw h/kg. The  Grain Millet Microwave Drying Sterilizing Curing Machine can quickly and completely kill the pests and rice grains in the rice or rice. , Insect eggs in grains (the insecticidal rate includes the adult insecticidal rate and the insecticidal egg rate can reach 100%), and it does not pollute the grain and the environment, and maintains the original nutrition, quality, beauty and flavor of the rice.

Due to COVID-19, more and more people are concerned about grain millet safety. Sukanyapatch told me that he saw business opportunities in microwave drying and sterilization equipment. All kinds of grain millet,nuts and dried fruits have become one of the favorite snacks for young and old in recent years because of their high nutritional value. However, most grain millet are easily contaminated by a variety of microorganisms in the production process, such as mold and salmonella. Mold contamination can make nuts mildew, destroy their color, aroma and taste, and reduce the edible value of nuts. Is there a sterilization equipment with low temperature sterilization and short sterilization time?
Grain millet should not only have a fragrant taste, but also pay special attention to the bacteria carried by the grain millet. Sukanyapatch hopes this is a multi-functional equipment integrating sterilization, drying and greening. It can be used for greening, sterilization and drying of various tea, food, whole grains, wood, handicrafts and industrial products.
He wants to start with a 500kg/h Grain Millet Microwave Drying Sterilizing Curing Machine production line.


Sukanyapatch: I am interested in the Microwave Drying Sterilizing Curing Machine, can you tell me how it works?

My reply: The principle of  Grain Millet Microwave Drying Sterilizing Curing Machine:

Sterilization principle: Microwave sterilization uses thermal effect and non-thermal effect to kill microorganisms together.

(1) Thermal effect of microwave energy: Under the action of a certain intensity of microwave magnetic field, insects and bacteria in grain millet will absorb microwave energy to heat up due to the change of molecular polarity in the body, thereby denaturing their proteins and losing their biological activity. The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid heating and sterilization.

(2) Non-thermal effect of microwave energy: the high-frequency electric field also changes its membrane potential and polar molecular structure; it mutates the proteins and active substances in the microorganism, and loses its vitality and dies.


Drying principle: When the material passes through a special conveyor belt under the action of a continuous and rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic field, its polarity orientation will change with the change of the external electric field, resulting in the movement of the molecules in the material and the mutual friction effect. At this time, the magnetic field energy of the microwave can be converted into heat energy, so that the temperature of the material is increased, and the continuous magnetic field energy can be converted into heat energy, so that the material can be quickly dried at a low temperature.

Microwave operating frequency MHz 2450±15

Total power KVA <12 <25 <35 <48 <50

Microwave output power KW 3 6 10 15 20

Evaporation capacity kg/h 0.8~1.2

Conveyor belt speed m/min 0~6

Microwave leakage mw/cm² <3

Dimensions m 1*6*1.5 1*8*1.5 1*10*1.5 1*12.5*1.5 1*14.5*1.5



Because it is the first time to do  Grain Millet Microwave Drying Sterilizing Curing Machine business, customers are more concerned about the installation of microwave drying and sterilization equipment:

Shandong Loyal Industrial has a professional equipment installation team, from the design of site planning to the installation of main and auxiliary equipment, all of which are guided by a team of experienced technicians from Shandong Loyal Industrial. The entire installation and commissioning process is streamlined, institutionalized, and specialized, and is completely arranged according to the actual situation of the customer's site, which is highly targeted and saves a lot of time for the customer. Customers can also track the entire installation process, saving worry and effort.

This is well recognized by the Sukanyapatch. After a month of communication with his team, the customer finally chooses our company as his supplier. Hopefully our machines can capture the market for Sukanyapatch, generate revenue and profit, and more importantly, bring health to their local people.


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