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300kg/h Popcorn Machine For Sale In India

300kg/h Popcorn Machine For Sale In India by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. , we provide latest information about the products regularly.

Last month, an old customer in India approached me and wanted to make popcorn and asked if our company had such equipment. This customer used to make nutritional rice in India. He was very satisfied with the nutritional rice production line he had purchased in our Loyal company, and he also made great profits. So when he wanted to expand the production range, he naturally thought of our company, of course we have popcorn production machines. He thinks popcorn will be a good business, and his factory is also very large, there is no problem with the machine footprint, so I recommend our largest 300kg/h popcorn machine. For the popcorn machine, it is very easy to use and easy to operate, just pour in the raw materials and follow the prompts, which is one of the reasons why this India 300kg/h Popcorn Machine customer likes this product. At the same time, because the 300kg/h Popcorn Machine can make popcorn with different flavors, colors, and shapes, it will be more popular with people, and thus will make more profits.

 300kg/h Popcorn Machine installed in India
Although this India 300kg/h Popcorn Machine customer
already has experience in food production, he is a novice about how to make popcorn, and he asked if I could tell him how to make popcorn? So I introduced him the detailed raw material formula, as well as the operation guide. The following is the ratio of ingredients to make different popcorn:


Ordinary Popcorn Raw Material Ratio


50 g

Soft White Sugar

100 g


125 g

Various Fruit Flavor Popcorn Raw Material Ratio


75 Grams

Salad Oil:

50 Grams

Color Sesame Oil:

125 Grams

Ethyl Malt Powder:

10 Grams


125 Grams

Soft White Sugar:

100 Grams


Chocolate Flavor Popcorn Raw Material Ratio


75 Grams

Salad Oil:

50 Grams

Chocolate-Colored Sesame Oil:

50 g


125 Grams

White Sugar:

100 Grams




At the same time, the customer asked about the layout of the 300kg/h Popcorn Machine. Our engineer planned a space dedicated to popcorn production according to his current factory area, and drew the layout for him.

300kg/h Popcorn Machine Layout


India is the world's largest food producer and consumer. The food processing industry is the fastest growing domestic industry in India in terms of production, consumption, exports and growth rates. However, due to the shortage of food processing industry, about one-third of agricultural products are spoiled due to unprocessed food every year. Therefore, the food processing industry has great potential in India and is also an important industry for the strong development of the Indian government. My Indian 300kg/h Popcorn Machine customer seized this opportunity and invested heavily in food production.

In the end he bought 5 sets 300kg/h Popcorn Machine, the delivery time was 60 working days, and now he has received the machines and started production, and made a huge profit. He plans to buy a new food production line this year to further expand his production range.

(The samples of popcorn)

Why Choose The New Type 300kg/h Popcorn Machine ?

The Advantages Of The 300kg/h Popcorn Machine


Safety To The Operator ,No Big Noise, No Blasting

Easy Operation

Automatic Operation With Push Buttons, Plc Touch Screen Is Customized As Requested.

Highly Output

High Productivity With 300kg Popcorn Per Hour.


The Pot Body Is Made Of 304 Stainless Steel, To Ensure That The Pot Is Flat And Smooth, Without Welding Gaps, Easy To Clean,

Mixing Uniform

Adopt Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation, Fully Automatic Stirring, Maintaining Stable Stirring Speed To Ensure The Quality Of Popcorn

Easy Discharge

Bowl Can Be Tilted 90 Degrees Automatically To Allow Popcorn Completely Discharged.

Unique Design

Mixing Blade Of The Mixing Pulp Is Resistant To High Temperature And Corrosion.



The details of the 300kg/h Popcorn Machine

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